Connecting Brands and Creatives

Profit from our experience

Profit from our experience

Our mission is to enable the best possible cooperation between brands and creatives. Both can rely on the unique experience of Forward: As a brand you will be provided with direct access to the finest creative talent. As a creative you will enjoy great project opportunities with less paperwork.

For Brands
For Creatives
  • Get access to perfectly fitting creative talent.

    Our diversely curated network is full of creatives from various fields and genres. From designers to illustrators to photographers, motion designers, and much more, the network is constantly growing.

  • Let us solve your creative challenges!

    Just give us a short briefing on your project and we do all the work for you. Project based creative consulting & art buying – You don’t need to worry about all this anymore.

  • Make your brand stand out.

    Very creative and outstanding work will always be recognized and highly acclaimed. Take the chance to further enhance how your brand is seen and experienced.

  • Focus on your campaign instead of looking for talent.

    Avoid time-consuming searches with numerous calls and annoying negotiations. Wouldn’t it be great to focus on your campaign instead?

  • Get the best results.

    Experienced as they are, our creatives will do everything to deliver best results for you. All things regular are no option for them. Just like you, they want the outcome to outshine the competition!

  • Profit from our experience and background.

    Many years of working with creatives for Forward Festival and Forward Magazine equipped us with the perfect background for this Network. Now your project or brand can also profit from it!   

  • Stay updated on the latest additions to the Network.

    It could be your ever-growing network of creative talent,too! Just subscribe to our newsletter below.

  • Get the best Jobs.

    Our bundled creative power is continuously distributed to promising stakeholders in the creative industries of the DACH region as well as directly to brands via the strong digital Forward channels, our events and our partners.

  • Focus on your creativity.

    Need more time to get inspired? Don’t have the nerve to do the negotiations and to work on briefings with clients? We got you covered!

  • Save time on administrative effort.

    We’ll do the paperwork for you! The network also offers additional optional services: Ongoing client contact, budget negotiations, project management, rights of use, briefings and reportings.

  • Profit from our pool of great brands.

    From our experience, we can tell which brand fits your creative style. Our relationship to the brands we work with is reliable, and we take care of the negotiations.

  • New marketing channels.

    Our reach is a crucial factor in ensuring that we reach a large number of potential customers. A large reach means that our messages are heard. Our reach is made up of the Forward Festivals, Magazines, Social Channels and much more.

  • No strings attached.

    We offer you all this without committing you to anything. A cooperation with us is non-binding and non-exclusive and allows you to continue to work on projects aside from the network.